Simple Homemaking Routines

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I need routine, otherwise things fall apart. And I need simple, otherwise my plans will completely fail. I finally feel like I have found that sweet spot of homemaking routines that work for me. I have tried many versions of this type of thing, but my current version is actually functional for us. I thought I would share as inspiration. It is highly likely that my exact routine will not be the best fit for you, because mine fits my life and family. However, I do believe it can inspire you with some fresh ideas to revamp your own routines if they aren’t currently working for you

Three tips for putting together simple homemaking routines that work.

  1. Create simple routines that you do each morning, afternoon, and evening.
  2. Assign yourself certain areas of focus for each day of the week.
  3. Make it something you can actually do. It’s always better to under-plan that to over-plan.

Using those three tips, here is how our homemaking routines break down.

Daily Homemaking Routine

-my personal Scripture meditation and prayer
-get dressed
-breakfast and Bible with kids
-breakfast cleanup (everyone helps)
-make my bed & tidy bedroom
-get everyone dressed
-a quick tidy around the house
-oversee kid morning chores
-set out my daughters’ laundry baskets to fold (except for CC days)
-homeschool (Wednesdays we deep clean then start school)
-lunch and lunch cleanup (everyone helps)

-rest time (kids) / my Bible loop
-finish homeschool
-assign chores for girls that correlate with our daily focus or other jobs that need to be done
-focus on my daily task in 15 to 20 minute increments at the least
-dinner prep/cook
-tidy living areas (all the children help)
-put all folded laundry away

-dinner (goal time is 5:30 or 6)
-dinner cleanup (everyone helps)
-quick house tidy
-prep for the next day

My Daily Focus Areas


I try to do a deep scrub mop once a week and the other days I swiffer or wipe up messes with a rag as I see them. I do this at different times on Monday, basically whenever I can work it in. If the kids are outside playing, then I will mop or sometimes I wait and do it in the evening after they are laid down. As long as it gets done on Monday I try not to stress about when. I’ve learned that too much detail in a schedule sets me up for failure, but that’s just my personality and possibly my current season of life with many littles.

TUESDAY- tidy and organize

I have a running list of areas I’d like to focus on. I usually do the most bothersome and noticeable things first, then move to cabinets and closets and places people don’t see. I don’t organize everything on my list, just usually an area or two; and I pick up where I left off the next week. I also try to enlist the help of my oldest three children for some of these projects. They can do simple jobs like: pull all of the cleaners and scrub brushes out from the kitchen sink so I can see them, get rid of what we don’t need, and organize them properly. I also have them pull all the items that may have collected under the couches and beds out to the middle of the floor and to put the items away in their place. Sometimes I assign an organization project to my 8 or 7 year old if it is something that I can’t get to, but it needs attention. I know it will look better than it will with noone organizing it, even if it isn’t quite the way I would have done it. Plus I think it is good practice for them to learn how to categorize and organize various areas of a home. Their afternoon chores are not a routine, they are assigned tasks given by me that change each day based on our family’s needs. Typically I assign their afternoon chores to correlate with my daily focus.

WEDNESDAY- home blessing day

This is our house cleaning day. I dust, clean mirrors and windows, and focus on trouble areas. My older girls each clean a bathroom; they are responsible for changing the trash bag, washing the toilets, tub/shower walls and shelves, and sinks. We run a robot vacuum while we do these things all over our house. When the vacuum is done they each get a swiffer and clean the floors in the living room, bathrooms, and bedrooms. We don’t take food outside of the dining room or kitchen so these aren’t usually too messy, a swiffer does just fine with it. We try to do this in about an hour to an hour and a half. With all of us working together we usually get it. We currently do this set of tasks in the mornings because we have help with the little ones on Wednesday mornings which makes our cleaning go a lot faster. It feels worth it to me to knock out the house cleaning at once instead of breaking up small tasks to each day. We play worship music and try to make it enjoyable, and my girls usually love this time.

THURSDAY- clean out the car and tidy outside

Thursdays are currently our Classical Conversations days, so this works well for us. When we get home I have my girls get all the stuff out of the van and I oversee it to make sure they are being thorough. Some weeks we stop at a car wash with vacuums and get it nice and cleaned up on our way hone from CC. That usually happens about once a month. Outside I just go around picking up toys or any trash, and of course I have the kids help. Then I or someone (as an afternoon assigned chore) will sweep the decks if they need it.

FRIDAY- laundry focus

We aim to do about 2 loads of laundry every day except Sunday and CC days which are currently Thursdays for us. Also days with doctor appointments or play dates throw us off from time to time. Typically I have my two oldest daughters fold a full basket each morning as part of their morning chores, this is the folding of the two loads washed the day prior. (I will post their chores below). I usually have the baskets separated into either adult clothes, big girl clothes, or todder and baby clothes. I try to wash them in those categories as well, and everything is on cold (I don’t worry about colors). I put their folded clothes away and handle all the family hang ups. This usually keeps our laundry at a manageable level. On Fridays my focus is washing any extras that need it: towels, rags, sheets, catching up if I’m behind, and so on. I also aim to get as caught up as possible so that our weekend can be more relaxed. (Laundry piles tend to stress me and they happen oh so quickly around here.) On Fridays the older girls do their laundry as usual and I do the extra, but sometimes giving out a laundry pertaining job here or there as an afternoon chore, such as asking them to fold and put away towels, watching/ playing with littles while I work laundry, or to help me put sheets on a bunk bed (because that is always a challenge when pregnant!) If something needs mending or ironed then this is the day for that as well.

SATURDAY- meal plan and grocery shop

I know, I know, Saturdays are probably the worst day to be at the grocery store, but they are truly the day that works best for our schedule. I use to do errand day with my four girls on a week day, but I’ve seen how much I lose momentum in my homeschooling and homemaking when we have another week-day out of the house (we already have our CC community day), so I decided to move errand day to Saturday. The added bonus to this is that my husband is usually home on Saturdays so either we all go together or he watches some or all of the kids for me. I currently alternate each week between Kroger and Aldi. I buy what I need for two weeks from each of the places since Aldi has better prices, but Kroger carries things I need that Aldi doesn’t currently carry. My Kroger weeks are usually much smaller since I try to get almost everything from Aldi.

SUNDAY- I do not plan a daily focus. I like to set aside this day to rest and seek the Lord and to fellowship with other believers.

My Girls’ Daily Chores

(They are 8 and 6)

{Morning Chores}
-Get fully dressed.
-Make your bunk bed (top and bottom, they make their little sisters’ for them)
-Tidy your bedroom, bathroom, and closet.
-Look around the house for your things- put them away.
-Feed and water the goats and pig.
-Fold your basket of laundry.

{Afternoon Chores}
-Ask mom- daily task focus.

{Evening Chores}
-Tidy living areas
-Shower, pjs, bedtime routine.

They are expected to help with clean up after every single meal. One girl clears and wipes tables and high chairs, the other sweeps the floor, and sometimes I have one of them empty the dishwasher during that time. Preschool and toddler age either play or get a rag and wipe something down to “help”.

I can honestly say my two oldest girls are a HUGE HELP to me. I believe they should have these responsibilities and that they are learning valuable life-skills and self-discipline; and truthfully I could not manage this house well without delegating some of the work to them. It simply wouldn’t be possible. I do try to keep it to only this and their school though because I desire for them to get time to play, explore our farm, and pursue their interests.

So that’s it.

So that is what my current simple homemaking routine looks like. I love having the routine to keep me focused on the right thing at the right time. Without this I have a tendency to try to do everything at once and to get so overwhelmed. This frees me up to accomplish what needs to be accomplished and then to be present with more important things in my life without feeling like I should be doing something else. There is a peace of mind in knowing, I’ll get to that then (at the time set aside in the routine) so I can focus completely on doing this (whatever that happens to be) now.

This probably seems like a lot, and maybe it doesn’t seem so simple to some, but for me this is as simplified as I can make it to meet the standards I desire for our household and the demands of caring for a growing family. I feel like working in and managing the home is a part of the work the Lord has given to me (Titus 2:5 Proverbs 31:27), and so I want to pursue doing it well.

I hope this is helpful in some way. And if so share with a friend or save for later on pinterest with this image.


Happy Homemaking ladies!